Recycling — Toner & Inkjet Printer Cartridges

The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation offers a free program to help you recycle the following items:

        • toner cartridges
        • inkjet printer cartridges

Please read the following information and then sign up below to start recycling! Please note that we no longer supply boxes–you’ll need to provide your own boxes.

        • Any business or organization can participate in this program.
        • Collect items from your organization and from the local community.
        • Order labels for your box(es).
            • Keep in mind that you can send mixed shipments but make sure you separate individual items (i.e. toner cartridges or inkjet printer cartridges) into smaller boxes.
            • Follow the 20/20 Rule when shipping: Send either 20 qualifying items or 20 lbs. of mixed qualifying items.
            • Collect items for recycling. Be sure to include the product manufacturer and part number on the sign-up form.
            • Fill boxes and ship for free with the label you received from us.
            • Tape boxes securely closed.
            • Leave for your UPS driver or take to any UPS drop off location.
            • Note: Do not call to have your boxes picked up! UPS charges a mandatory fee for this, which cannot be waived. 

To reorder labels for your boxes, call the number listed on your mailing label or contact Waste Wise at