Waste and Energy Utility Bill Analysis

A first step to assessing your organization’s waste and energy-saving opportunities is understand how you’re paying for these services. The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation offers both waste and energy utility bill analysis services.

Waste bills can be confusing, but we can help you make sense of them. By reviewing your organization’s waste and recycling bills, we can often find ways for you to make easy service changes than may result in cost savings, increased efficiencies, and more.

We also offer energy utility bill analysis as part of our catalog of services. After collecting 12 to 24 months of your energy utility bills and a little information about your building, we’ll enter this information into our database and will let you know how the energy used in your building compares with the national average.

Check out an example of our energy utility bill analysis.

For more information on our waste and energy utility bill analysis service, contact us.