Meet the 2013 Leader Award Winners

On October 16, 2013 the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation hosted its annual meeting at The Saint Paul Hotel. This event focused on highlighting the partnerships MWWF has formed with businesses and counties alike, and encouraged attendees to initiate similar relationships. Three organizations were presented with the 2013 Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation Leader Award. They are as follows:

HealthPartners, Inc.
In 2012, HealthPartners saved an estimated…

  • 31.37 billion BTUs of Energy
  • 633,688 gallons of water
  • 1,220 tons of waste from entering a landfill or incinerator
  • Initiatives include obtaining reusable containers for sharps, medical waste and hazardous waste; recycling archived X-ray film; and implementing energy efficiency projects at Regions Hospital and other facilities
tier1-IMG_0245 Thomson Reuters

  • Recaptured over $1.5 million in expenses from recycling efforts in 2012
  • Approximately 11,700 tons of waste was recycled or reused in 2012
  • Other programming: holiday lights drive after the holidays to collect old/broken holiday lights, bike share program and other commuter programs, an annual shred it event
tier1-IMG_0231 Minneapolis Institute of Arts

  • In 2011 and 2012, the MIA saved an estimated $117,288 (a 15% reduction in electricity consumption) by replacing halogen lamps with LED lamps
  • With a grant from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, staff from the MIA volunteered to construct a rain garden on museum property
  • The University of Minnesota’s Bee Squad and the MIA have entered into a collaboration to study urban beekeeping, installing four beehives on the museum roof

Congratulations to the 2013 Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation Leader Award Winners.