Success Story — Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn

BURNSVILLE — Nathan Kremer, manager at Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn, was first connected to Minnesota Waste Wise in 2016 after the hotel’s waste hauler informed him that Waste Wise could help them set up a recycling program. “The thing that got me started on this was the fact that guests were making a lot of comments about recycling and the fact that we didn’t offer it,” said Nathan.

When Nathan first met with Waste Wise, the hotel was recycling within the restaurant kitchen.  Beyond that, very little was being done in terms of recycling. After walking through the building, it became very obvious that there were many common areas that could benefit from the addition of recycling bins.

Fortunately, Nathan did not have to worry about the upfront costs of adding recycling bins to 130 rooms and common areas across five floors. Dakota County’s Recycling Incentive program covered the costs of new recycling bins and other supplies to set up a successful program. Recycling bins were added to the hotel’s entryway, pool room, banquet hall, and on each end of every floor’s hallway. Additionally, small containers were placed in every room, offering guests a convenient opportunity to recycle in their bathrooms and at their desks. With these changes, hotel cleaning staff have provided with the proper supplies and training to collect trash and recycling separately.

These changes have led to enough of a trash decrease at Best Western that the hotel has been able to eliminate their trash compactor in favor or just a dumpster. Additionally, the hotel’s recycling dumpster, which previously did not consistently fill up is now full upon weekly pick up, amounting to an additional 13,728 lbs of recyclables collected each year.

While Nathan is an enthusiastic recycling advocate, he noted that the Recycling Incentive program was key in bringing Best Western’s program to the next level. “If my hauler hadn’t told me about this program, we would not be doing any of this.“