Success Story – Metro Manufacturing Improves Recycling Program

ST. PAUL – Metro Manufacturing is a metal shop/fabricator in St. Paul that was referred to Waste Wise by Ramsey County. With 25 years in the metal business, they had long been recycling their scrap metal and were no stranger to the industry, but were interested in expanding their recycling options to paper and cardboard.  Waste Wise program staff completed a site visit and determined that a single stream recycling program that could accept paper, cardboard, glass containers, metal containers, and plastics numbered 1-7, would be the best option for them.

Waste Wise staff referred the company to a couple of waste haulers for pricing and attended the meetings to answer questions and act as a resource. After evaluating the bids, Metro Manufacturing decided to switch haulers and add a single stream recycling program. Because the company had two years left on their existing waste contract, they had to pay a significant fee to cancel their service. However with the estimated savings from the new disposal fees and taxes, they expect to recoup amount of the in about a year. With the new service, the company expects to same more than $1,500 in annual waste hauling costs and may recycle more than 14,000 pounds of waste each year.

Part of what has made this program so successful is the addition of recycling bins and consistent signage throughout their offices and shop. Add to that staff education, and the program seems to be particularly effective.

According to general manager, Bob Fox, the decision to switch was easy. “Bottom line, the new recycling program enables us to save money and create a better future for our business,” said Fox.