Success Story – Murphy Warehouse Company

MINNEAPOLIS – Murphy Warehouse Company strives to use green business practices and technology whenever feasible, and has been doing so for more than 30 years. Cost savings generated by many of the company’s sustainability practices give them a significant competitive business advantage, while company leaders embrace other conservation measures because they feel it’s the right thing to do.

Founded in 1904, Murphy Warehouse is one of the Upper Midwest’s largest asset-based logistics firms, providing a wide range of services, including 3PL, distribution, transportation, cross-docking, and more. Murphy is certified under LEED, ENERGY STAR, and ISO 9001 and 14001 sustainability standards.

The company has continually sought ways to cut waste, conserve energy and water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “I strongly believe that a truly sustainable business balances economic and environmental factors when making business decisions,” says Richard Murphy, President and CEO of Murphy Warehouse Company. “We continue to make green business decisions moving forward in order to be the best neighbor and company possible.”

Rooftop solar panels installed in 2010 have made Murphy the third largest solar generator in Minnesota, and are saving the firm $20,000 annually. Because warehouse operations generate twice the emissions of trucking operations, Murphy is prioritizing energy conservation in its facilities.

Together with successful efforts to reduce the gallons of diesel fuel and propane used, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at its five facilities are one third that of other warehouses of similar size and type. Trucks retrofitted for biodiesel consumption and wind resistance improvements have reduced fuel costs by 10 percent. Use of and proximity to rail transport removes the equivalent of 17,860 trucks from the road each year.

Water conservation investments are also paying back impressive returns. Storm water management systems and low-flow plumbing fixtures are installed, and by planting more than 15 acres of company land with native prairie grasses, Murphy has slashed irrigation costs. Water conservation efforts save the company more than $140,000 a year.

Murphy’s has successfully applied its logistical expertise to its sustainability goals, past and future.  In recognition of the company’s accomplishments, and its active support for the sustainable supply chain initiatives valued by customers, the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation presented Murphy Warehouse Company with the 2014 Waste Wise Leadership Award.