Success Story — Urban Growler

ST. PAUL — Shortly after their opening in 2013, Saint Paul’s Urban Growler Brewing Company was connected to Minnesota Waste Wise through their property manager, originally looking for a solution for their spent brewing grains, but overall hoping to improve their recycling.

After meeting with co-owner Jill Pavlak, Waste Wise helped Urban Growler and a neighboring business receive grant funding through Ramsey and Washington County to set up organics recycling and improve single stream recycling within a shared enclosure space. The grant was used to purchase color-coded bins, compostable bags, and make improvements to the dumpster enclosure to accommodate dumpsters for three waste streams. Through these efforts, Urban Growler is now diverting 28,912 lbs of recyclable material and 29,204 lbs of organics recycling per year.

Beyond this, Urban Growler has been proactive about finding outlets for other materials that are generated on a regular basis, such as pallets, plastic film, and malt and grain bags. With the success of their first grant, Urban Growler is looking into other waste-saving opportunities, taking a hard look at how they are serving food, cleaning dishes, and the production of their beer to further minimize their impact on the earth. Jill remarked, “What we’ve done has aligned with our values. We have customers that ask and it feels good to be able to tell them that our waste goes to a local farmer, we compost it, and recycle as much as possible. We want to be accountable for everything we dispose of.”