Voting Record

Voting Record
Beth Kadoun, vice president of tax and fiscal policy, testifies with
Representative Joe McDonald, R-Delano, on lowering business taxes.

Each legislative session presents unique challenges and opportunities to advance importatn issues for Minnesota business. The 2018 session was no different. A number of significant factors impacted the results for this particular year: sweeping federal tax reform enacted late in 2017; a compressed legislative schedule of just 12 weeks; a relatively smaller state budget surplus than what was widely expected; divisiveness lingering from a veto of legislative operating costs; November elections impacting all 134 House seats; and Governor Dayton’s final year in office.

The Minnesota Chamber fought tirelessly for the best interests of job-creators throughout the state. Achieving substantive changes in public policy is an incremental process, and we advocate for our members every step of the way.

Bently Graves, director of transportation policy, talks with Representative John Petersburg,
R-Waseca, about transportation funding.

We advanced a pro-growth agenda on several fronts. We urged lawmakers to seize the opportunity from federal tax reform and provide tax relief for all Minnesota employers and employees. We worked to reduce burdensome workplace regulations. We pushed for longterm transportation funding. We promoted reasonable environmental regulatory changes that also protect our beloved natural resources. We advocated for steps toward ensuring that our talented workforce remains among Minnesota’s greatest assets.

2017 was a banner year for the statewide business community as we achieved significant and meaningful results on a variety of priorities. 2018 was far more modest. While we appreciate the efforts of many legislators and the Dayton administration this session, too many important matters that affect the state’s economy, our communities and our needs were left unresolved. We expect our elected officials to collectively “get their work done.” It is our hope that returning and newly elected policymakers will take this approach next year, and complete many of the important initiatives and policy solutions considered in 2018. We stand committed with our members, partners and the broader business community to work for a business future in Minnesota that improves the lives of all Minnesotans.

Members attend Business Day at the Capitol to see the Legislature
in action and to influence public policy decisions.

Read the 2018 Voting Record.

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Protecting Our Talented Workforce
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